Stitches doesn't generate the laughs it should have

The clown that was the centre of the adaptation of It by Stephen King was just voted the scariest horror villain ever, and for a very good reason because it’s a psychological twist to take a childhood memory and turn it into something dark and evil.

The new horror film Stitches uses this tried and true formula to scare its viewers by mixing together some very familiar situations and scenes with some very frightening results. Truth be told however most veteran horror junkies will not be all that scared, but the comedy scenes should still at least strike a chord or two.

The basic plot of the film revolves around Tom and his friends who accidentally killed a clown that was hired to perform at Tom’s 10th birthday party. Ten years later the group reunites to celebrate his 20th birthday and as you might guess there is a little revenge exacted by a bloodthirsty clown.

Ross Noble plays the killer clown underneath of some heavy make up and slowly carves the guests to death one by one. While you will recognise the plot as simply as any hack and slash film, the murders are very clever albeit disgusting and will likely haunt you for at least a few days after seeing the film.

The real shame is that the one-liners are not funnier, because if they were just a bit more comical it would be possible to kick out a sequel to the film. Of course, that probably will not stop studios from trying so do not be surprised to see a Stitches II come next October. Regardless, for those who like some horror here or there the film will certainly keep your attention for at least the ninety minutes it takes to run out.