Stone Roses movie

Manchester group The Stone Roses hosted a gig at Spike Island where a new movie will use it as a backdrop. The band’s short career with only two albums in six years was highlighted by a concert with attendance of close to 30,000 fans in 1990 in Widnes of Cheshire.

Director of popular show Misfits, Tom Green, is assembling a group of hopefuls of an unsigned band from a council estate.

Happy Mondays and 24 Hour Party People actor Chris Coghill has written a script for a yet named movie that will include cameos.

Stone Roses still highly acclaimed debut album and its critical success scored a top 10 with Fool’s Gold that did not even appear on any album of theirs. With it popularity at a peak the Madchester scene was host to the Spike Island gig that “baggy Woodstock”.

On months prior, at Blackpool’s Empress Ballroom, they played and a video was released shortly thereafter. This is in contrast to the Spike Island show that was never made available and only became known through black market release.