Stuntman injured on the set of new Brad Pitt film

Whilst filming the WWII epic film Fury, which stars Brad Pitt and Shia LeBouf, a British stuntman was stabbed in his left shoulder using a spear. The 35 year old man was filming a battle scene when he was stabbed.

According to the medics, his condition cannot be considered as life threatening since he was airlifted from Watlington, Oxfordshire immediately after the accident. Surprisingly, there was no one at the scene to witness the stabbing.

Sony pictures, which is the production company for the film, said that this was an accident that occurred when two professional stuntmen were at the filming stages of a rehearsed action acene. Sony’s spokesperson said that there was no one else present at the scene of the accident since the principle actors were filming from a different location. Though the man was injured, he left everyone laughing and talking about him.

A WWII kind of environment has been set around Watlingon as part of the film’s filming process. The selected area contains warzone tanks, tents and weapons, all of which would be used in the action film.

Following the accident, Thames Valley Police officers were alerted at midday. They patrolled the area where the filming is taking place and have concluded that this is an accident and not a crime case. According to a police spokeman in the area, the call came in at 11.41am about the stabbing incident involving a man who had been stabbed on his left shoulder.

Just like similar incidents, the police have had to report the matter to health and safety executive, who have in turn confirmed that they have started probing about the events that led to the accident. Fury is expected to premier in November 2014 whose plot revolves around a Sherman tank going on a dangerous mission just before the WWII ended. The film was written by David Ayer and involves fierce battles against the Germans who seem stronger.