Super 8 looks pretty super

Super 8 is the movie of this summer and of many summers going all the way back to the ‘70s. It is a first-love romance, a creature feature and a movie where movie buffs want to be movie makers.

J.J. Abrams with help from Steven Spielberg’s producing has made an out of body, jaw-dropping entertainment special for the summer that kids that can attend PG-13 will remember into their adulthood. Joe is thirteen and it is the winter of 1979 and the middle schooler is having the worst day of his life.

His mum died in an accident at work and he sits on a swing set in the dead of winter while relatives and friends say how hard it will be for him and his sheriff dad. The adults feel sad for him and his friends are doing what they do at that age, wondering what his mother’s body looks like inside the coffin.

His friend Charles wants to make sure Joel will be available to help with the makeup and sound on the planned Super 8 movie he is going to make. After months have passed the movie, a zombie thriller, gets underway. While filming a scene a train derails of epic proportions and it seems as if something escape from on of the cars. They run up to investigate as the military arrive.

Quickly it is obvious something weird is going on in the town and someone is covering it up. Dogs flee, the sheriff is snatched away and electronics disappear. The kids know something is up but have been warned not to speak of anything or you and your family will die.