The Adjustment Bureau

Not fitting neatly into any genre and quite hard to describe, The Adjustment Bureau, based on a Philip K. Dick short story is a tightly bound thriller examining science fiction, politics, romance, philosophy and spirituality.

The movie makes for a great experience by staying confined to its theme and not losing track of the audience through making thought-provoking actions in the movie. Free versus Fate is what reverberates throughout the movie through the characters and the decisions they make.

Matt Damon plays an inspired senate hopeful and learns of the Adjustment Room while deviating from his goal. He is told he can never speak about it nor about the woman he immediately liked when he happened upon her.

Both actors Damon and Emily Blunt did remarking well together and always felt well together and played their roles almost to perfection, which is a pleasant rarity these days in film.

They were helped with their performances by a great supporting from Anthony Mackie who played an agent that showed emotion when they are trained to not do so. At first it looked as if those playing agents would be the typical dry, unemotional semi robots but it came across later as being much more human even though on a different level of existence and only because they were doing the job they was deemed necessary for them to do.

The film deals with forces seen and unseen the process one uses to make decisions regarding those. At the heart it is a romantic film, tense at times and funny in others and makes the audience ponder the same things the actors are going through in the film making it without a doubt one of the best films released thus far this year.