The American dream is rather unappealing in Brad Pitt's new film

The new film starring Brad Pitt portrays the American dream in a rather dim way. The story is what would be described as a gangster film, however it does have underlying political messages, one of which is the criticism of American politicians for inadequately handling the economic crisis which is affecting the country over the last several years.

The name of the film is Killing Them Softly and it takes place in a US city which has seen a great deal of trouble after the financial crash. The city remains unnamed, but there are many abandoned shops and houses and the number of mobsters and criminals on the streets has increased its people struggle to make enough money to survive.

As well as starring in the film, Mr Pitt also produces it and the red carpet event is taking place this week. The film has also been entered into the Cannes Film Festival and it is expected to be a strong contender. In the film Pitt plays a hitman who has been hired to eliminate several Mafia bosses.

The name of the film comes from the fact that although he is a killer, Pitt doesn’t cause his targets any pain when he kills them. The underlying political message of the film might be more irritating than it is informative and the general criticism of politicians for their failure to handle the situation properly seems strangely aggressive. The film also has a way of betraying America is a corporation, rather than a country.