The Descendants with George Clooney

The Descendants is a new movie starring George Clooney and has been created by Alexander Payne. In the film Clooney plays Matt King, a lawyer who is living in Hawaii and he is a descendant of the Royal family of Hawaii. King’s wife is in a coma after an accident and while she is unconscious King learns that she has been having an affair.

Robert Foster plays the role of the wife’s father and blames King for her unhappiness. He is unaware of the affair that she has been having and King takes the moral high ground by not telling him. The way the Clooney does this scene, and dozens other like it, is a testament to his acting ability and shows his character is completely believable.

Payne is very capable of making movies which are darkly comic. His specialty is showing middle-aged men who are taking stock of their lives and perhaps dealing with crisis, previous movies such as Sideways and About Schmidt are testament to this ability.

The movie has been based on a novel by Kaui Hart Hemmings and is definitely one of the finest performances that Clooney has ever done. He is handsome in the role but not dashing as he has become known for in other movies. This choice of clothes in the movie removes a great deal of his attractiveness.

The movie makes good use of a voice-over done by Clooney and gives an insight to his feelings and perception. The supporting cast are also fantastic and it is nice to see Judy Greer break free from her normal romantic comedy films. The final scene of the movie is beautiful and is a perfect closing.