The Eagle an odd combination of a movie

The Eagle is yet another movie about the 9th Legion of the Roman Army, as was Centurion. However, this movie follows a pair of men who are unlikely comrades and is a mishmash of predictability and shattered storyline. While it tries to fill the shows of both action movie and human adventure, it fails at both equally.

The movie was written by Jeremy Brock and directed by Kevin MacDonald, based on the novel by Rosemary Sutcliff in 1954. MacDonald is following his own tradition, set in “State of Play” and “Last King of Scotland”, but teaming up two men who would not naturally hang together.

There are plenty of solid fight scenes and beautiful scenery to catch the eye. However, do not look for substance or real motivation to hang in there through this movie, as you won’t find any. There are also no unpredictable elements or events throughout the entire flick.

There are far too many events and they are laid out where you simply connect the individual dots to get the picture. There is no reason to make any emotional investment in this story. In spit of the casting focusing on British actors as Brits and American actors as Romans, the end result is an overly modern sound to all.

There is innuendo that Marcus and Esca have a deep and rich relationship, but the dialogue would never reveal it, as it is simply too watered down. Likewise, Tatum is all show and no depth, while Bell is overly skilled for the part in the relationship.

The movie gets weirder towards the end, because it turns into a buddy comedy, which was completely off tone from the entire movie.