“The Fighter,” Mark Wahlberg

In “The Fighter,” Mark Wahlberg portrays real life scrapper “Irish” Micky Ward who was a fighter in the early 1990s in the welterweight division.  Micky is the half brother of Dicky Eklund, played by Christian Bale, who had some real success boxing.

In fact, Eklund is considered the “Pride of Lowell Massachusetts” because he once knocked out Sugar Ray Leonard during his career.  Micky’s career, however, is one of mediocrity even though he follows training and guidance from Dicky.

Dicky has become a substance abuser since his time in the ring and Micky is managed by his often drunken mother.  He is a victim; it seems, of the unevenness of everything surrounding him.

At least that’s how it appears until a new love interest reveals itself in the form of a barmaid named Charlene, played by Amy Adams, who is convinced that she can turn Micky around.

The premise of the “Fighter” is an often-repeated one, especially in boxing movies.  Micky must learn that he cannot rely on anyone but himself if he is to attain anything close to his own dreams and aspirations.