The Girl Who Played With Fire – Dragon Tattoo Sequel, trailer

The girl with the dragon tattoo now has a follow up movie, actually the second of a trilogy entitled “The girl who played with fire”, this second outing for our heroin Lisbeth Salander. The story from the late Stieg Larsson is certainly a rollercoaster of action from beginning to end.

The main character Noomi Rapace is being hunted as the suspect of a triple homicide revolving around international sex traffickers. The pace of this movie is certainly relentless as the social misfit cyberpunk avoids not only Mikael Blomquist, a journalist and old friend of hers, but also the secret police, but she never stays still long enough for anyone to track her down.

It has been a year since the end of the first chapter, and Lisbeth has returned to her home town after a year out of the country complete with jet black hair and the infamous tattoo. But she quickly becomes the prime suspect in a string of murders for which she has apparently been framed, so now not only must she hide and run she needs to exact retribution on those that are trying to harm her. Watch this trailer for just a hint of what this high-speed crime thriller has to offer.