The Grace Card is not compelling

Life’s rough edges are too often rubbed away while conflict is watered down in today’s faith-based films making potential dramatic movies so bad that they do not even bear any relation to what is reality.

Drugs, cops and race are all good ingredients in the movie The Grace Card, the movie is not the reality is wants to imitate and steals from its punch in this movie and that is due to the director and screenwriter walking a tightrope.

In Grace Card a white cop 17 years after his soon is killed by a car driven by a black drug dealer, is still seethingly mad. The family is shattered including his wife that is depressed and their other son, 17, is opening revolting and making bad decisions such as leaving a pipe where his father finds it and confronts him.

Mac’s can get promoted at the Memphis PD because of his temperament and has been partnered with a pastor by his commanding officer and this mismatch of personalities add to the movie while Mac seems to treat black suspects worse than white and the tension created is not touched upon by the director because of worrying about problems.

The classic big mistake is what this movie hangs on and forces him to reflect back, re-evaluate and find room for religion but that is the simple way out and makes for a bland and predictable movie.

The actors work is competent  but are far short of being compelling and what could have been a story of a lost and bitter soul in search of forgiveness and redemption fails miserably because of the timid filmmakers failure to play the cards they could have.