The Help a surprising hit

The Help is a new production that stars Emma Stone, she plays the character of Skeeter who is an aspiring writer in Mississippi in the 1950s. After college she goes back to a family home and finds that her maid has vanished. Another friend of hers is suggesting that the wealthy families in the area install outdoor bathrooms for their domestic help. This is something that Skeeter disagrees with and she starts to write a book from the perspective of ‘the help.’

It seems that in recent years Hollywood has been failing to make films that have a strong plot and make people feel good. The message, tone, and pace of this film is a reminder that Hollywood is still capable of doing this. Too often Hollywood are just giving us action movies or remakes of old films, and The Help is a refreshing break from this mediocrity.

The actors in this movie perform admirably and you really feel wrapped up in the lives of the characters. Many critics are expecting this movie to be nominated for several Oscars and would not be surprised if it won several. The film is moving and funny at the same time and gives the message that sometimes a struggle is worth doing if it is for something that you believe in.

Some might see the characters in the film as somewhat caricatured, the contrast between good and bad in the movie is a little bit too extreme and is a small flaw in what otherwise very well constructed movie. The film is based on a book and in this the characters are much less extreme and therefore more believable.

The cinematography of this production is excellent and the brightness of the production when contrasted with the grittiness of the subject matter makes for a fantastic combination that will truly captivate an audience.