The Hoff confirms involvement in new Baywatch film

David Hasselhoff, 60 on July 17, confirmed the rumour that he is to appear in the new Baywatch film. He will not, however, be playing his old role of Mitch Buchannon, the lifeguard from the original TV series. He is reported to have said that he has recently met the writer of the film and that he will play himself.

Mr Hasselhoff has confirmed that all of the roles from the TV series, including Buchannon, will be recast to give the film a more contemporary feel. He went on to say that through recasting the original roles they are trying to make a cool updated version.

It was reported in June that Justin Timberlake may be in the Baywatch line up. Other stars that have been linked to the film include Jessica Simpson and Justin Bieber. The film’s development was first started back in 2004.

Hasselhoff not only stared in the original Baywatch, he was also executive producer in the series about LA lifeguards. The original series ran from 1989 to 2001 and they made 242 episodes. The series became famous for the slow motion shots of lifeguards in eye-catching red swimwear running across the beach. The show also starred Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson.