The Hole review, trailer

Director Dante has quite a few teen thrillers under his belt, which is why the fact that his newest film is able to present the perfect atmosphere without giving into the gimmicks that haunt many cheesy teen movies.  Add in the fact that the film is show in 3D with wit and sparingly and you have a film worth seeing.

In the film Dane played by Massoglia is annoyed at his mother for making him and his brother named Lucas move once again.  However, there is one cute girl named Julie who lives next door to the new house.  Of course, the three meet up and find a hole in the basement that is bottomless and then all types of freaky occurrences start to occur forcing them to talk to the previous owner of the home.

In a way, the film feels a bit like reading a children’s novel that explores the darker corners of the human experience in an effort to help kids overcome their fears while entertaining them at the same time.  Although this may seem a bit simple and Dante restrains from overdoing the 3D effects the combination is nice as it keeps the film relaxed and easier to fall into as the tension slowly starts to build.

Along with the tension the effects build all the way up until the climax which is a bit outrageous in visual terms but it is still grounded enough to be straight out of a nightmare.