The Hunger Games set to be a huge success

Suzanne Collins had a major best-seller with her teen oriented novels about a not-inconceivable future where Reality TV is alarmingly real. The Hunger Games is a film adapted from the first book in Collins’ trilogy, and is already slated to be as big as Harry Potter and the Twilight series, maybe bigger. According to some critics, it’s a must-see for parents as well as kids old enough to comprehend everyday news of the world.

The film is set in a North America ruled absolutely by a small elite of the rich and powerful, with the large majority subjugated in 12 districts and eking out a subsistence living in which actual, not virtual hunger is the norm. The ‘Games’, staged for the entertainment of those in The Capitol, are an annual event in which two teenagers from each district compete in a survival ‘game’ that pits them against each other until only one is left alive: the winner.

Certainly The Hunger Games has a message, several in fact, about courage and sacrifice as well as brutality, greed and other human attributes and failings. There is a lot more to the film than action and dialogue, though both are totally gripping and realistic. In a very talented cast it is Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss who “nails it” with her stunning performance as a heroine in the finest sense of the word.