The King's Speech Rules the Academy Awards

The Social Network, while being nominated for eight oscars, took away only three. These included film editing, original score, and best adapted screenplay. The King’s Speech beat out The Social Network by only one Oscar, but it captured four major awards, whereas, The Social Network took scarps home.

That being so, the Facebook-based film has earned over 100 million dollars just in the States. It did do much better than True Grit, though, which did not win any awards. Yet, it was nominated for ten.

Everyone anticipated The Social Network taking Best Picture, since it had at the Golden Globes last month. True Grit, while a charming rendition of the original Western that had starred John Wayne, had given no such expectations.

The King’s Speech walked away with Best Actor, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Film, which humiliated the makers of The Social Network. Besides Jesse Eisenberg, as Zuckerberg, one of the founders of Facebook, Justin Timberlake played Sean Parker, who helped found Napster.

The movie starts at Harvard in 2003.

Also starring singer Justin Timberlake as Napster co-founder Sean Parker, The Social Network does not present a good view of Zuckerberg. While the makers of the movie and Zuckerberg were not on friendly terms, after the movie’s success Zuckerberg’s tone has changed.

Aaron Sorkin, the film’s screenwriter, gave a lot of grace to Zuckerberg, “Who of us would really want a movie written about us? He has taken this quite well.”

The Social Network was in good company for losing. True Grit, the remake of the classic Western that had originally starred John Wayne, received the second most nominations, but left with no awards. 127 Hours, a film chronicling the true story of a man trapped between a boulder and a cliff and having to cut his own arm off or die, had 6 nominations and received no awards either. The Kids Are Alright, a pro-lesbian film about parenting, had four nominations, but no awards.