The latest Fast and the Furious Film

The unlikeliest of film franchises is set to start its 6th instalment. Vin Diesel, and Company, have teamed up with the antagonist from Fast Five, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s agent Hobbs, in an effort to travel to London to prevent arms dealer, Luke Evans, from stealing a weapons navigation device.

With scenes that are reminiscent of Oceans 11, but having muscular actors and custom cars, returning director Justin Lin, is in tune with the desires of the film’s audience. The film contains scenes where fast cars travel at break-neck speeds down the motorways of Europe, planes and a tank are also included, to make a fast action film which features several explosions and fire fights.

One can hardly believe the kind of action incorporated in the film, with actors jumping out of speeding vehicles and engaging is brutal fistfights. Although this may seem ridiculous the action is engaging and one cannot help but be sucked into the narrative of the film.

Michelle Rodriguez is resurrected and resumes the role that she played in the first and third films. The two actors Dwayne, and Diesel, complement each other, with Dwayne taking the role of the action Goliath, and Diesel playing his customary silent, but strong character that has endeared him to his many fans.

Luke Evans, a British actor, embraces the role of an evil character, and the only downside to the film is that these epic performances only serve to highlight the poor performance of Paul Walker, who was a franchise star, but has been relegated to playing the role of diesel’s sidekick.

The film, however, shows the promise of adding more impressive actors, and incorporating more action in future sequels. However, in a summer that is full of high profile disappointments, this film, with its low intelligence, and high entertainment popcorn film characteristics, is perhaps the best showing that film goers may experience.