The Lorax

When the Dr Seuss parable about the environment, The Lorax, was first published it did cause a lot of controversy, and it has continued to do so to this day.

The parable tells the story about how greed has a great cost on the environment and even to this day it is still being criticised by certain news stations.

Universal have recently created a new film based on the parable and it is made by the same team who created Despicable Me. The Lorax has been turned into a musical in 3-D and involves similar gags to many other films such as Toy Story. The message in the film is very obvious and it is going to cause some controversy in sectors which don’t have the best reputation for caring for the environment.

The main character is called Ted and he is voiced by Zac Efron. Where Ted lives everything is plasticised, paved over, and packaged. He has no idea that there is another way of doing things, he doesn’t quite realise how bad things have become until one of his neighbours tells him about something called a tree, a plant that he has never heard of.

Ted wants to go outside of the city and see a tree but he is told that many of them have been chopped down as people could profit off them. The Lorax is played by Danny DeVito and he has previously issued warnings to the people who are continuing to cut down the trees. He issues an important warning about how the trees are essential to everyone’s life, but no one listens and they continue to wield their axes.

The film is very bright and you can see that a lot of inspiration has been taken from Dr Seuss. The 3-D is impressive in parts, particularly when Ted is heading down a river with quite intense rapids.

In a very similar way to Wall-E, the film embraces a certain amount of the gloom that surrounds it. The major villain in the story is a man who has found out a way to successfully market fresh air to people, which he has managed to bottle. The songs on the production are rather well put together and utilise the rhymes of Dr Seuss at some appropriate moments. The rhymes do not continue throughout all of the songs and the entire film, rather than taking away from the effect, this adds to it. The rhymes are only used in some of the most important places and this adds more weight to their meaning.

It is interesting how the film reflects the current feeling about such things as the environment and the economy. There is a joke where the main villain has labelled his company as too big to fail’. The film certainly has a moral message, much like the original parable, unsurprisingly it is going to cause a similar amount of controversy and for this reason it is an interesting film to go and see.