The Next Three Days review

Russell Crowe’s stars as John Brennan in “The Next Three Days”, who, having failed to clear his wife Lara’s name, after she was arrested for murdering her boss, decides to break her out of  prison.

The film, a remake of “Pour Elle”, ought to be good as it is written and directed by Paul Haggis  (Million Dollar Baby, Crash), however, the main problem with it is a lack of character development. The film no more than scratches the surface of the relationship between husband and wife, played by Elizabeth Banks (Scrubs, The 40 Year Old Virgin).

Crowe does his best to show Brennan’s courage in the face of adversity, certainly much better than his Robin Hood, and he also displays a refreshingly human side too, he makes mistakes with the best of us. Banks proves she can do straight acting too, with a believable relationship with Crowe.  There are also cameos from Liam Neeson (needs no introductions) and Olivia Wilde (TRON: Legacy, Cowboys and Aliens).

The action starts promisingly, as the police raid the family home, but the pacing suffers from either being too fast (a rush towards the jailbreak) or too slow (several “filler” scenes) and the film could easily lose a good few pounds (half an hour). I never rooted for the main characters, either.

There are a few highlights such as one of the prison visits, the camerawork and editing (Jo Francis), but ultimately “The Next Three Days” is a missed opportunity.