The River

There has been much anticipation both in the industry and amongst the public in regards to the new thriller series from the US; The River. Created by Steven Spielberg and Oren Peli, the man behind the Paranormal Activity franchise, this hugely anticipated series hit iTunes on the 8th of February, barely 24 hours after it made its television debut on ABC. iTune customers in the UK will be the first to see The River, and a season pass to all episodes is available.

The River is a joint production between the ABC studios, home of such hits as Desperate Housewives and Lost, and Spielberg’s Amblin Films. It tells the tale of a world famous TV personality and wildlife expert called Dr Emmet Cole, played by Bruce Greenwood. After Cole goes missing while on an exploration deep in the Amazon, his family, friends and film crew set out on a perilous journey to find him.

The group is led by his wife Tess (Leslie Hope) and Lincoln (Joe Anderson) his estranged son. It is filmed in documentary style by Carl (Paul Blackthorn) who is Cole’s ex producer. This amateur rescue mission takes them deep into the as yet unexplored depths of the River Amazon, which its cruel nature, where magic is real, and absolutely nothing is as it first seems. The journey will throw up a scary new mystery every week.

Oren Peli, the executive producer of The River, has said of the show that right from its first inception, they had wanted the show to have a global audience, and show preys on human fears which are universal and follows a dangerous journey through a remote yet exotic setting. He added that he, and everyone else connected with The River, were very excited about the show making its debut on iTunes.

The River is available for pre-order from iTunes at Once downloaded, the show can be enjoyed at the viewer’s leisure, either at home via home computer or Apple TV, or on the move with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. A full Season Pass is £9.99 (SD) or £12.99 (HD), and single episodes are £1.89 (SD) or £2.49 (HD).