The Roommate Review

“The Roommate” bills itself as a psychological thriller, and if you get a thrill, psychological or otherwise, from watching a belly-button ring getting yanked out, this is a movie you’ll want to see.  Apparently a lot of U.S. moviegoers thought so, because “The Roommate” topped box office intake over the weekend, but the movie only made about $15.6 million, maybe due to competition from the Super Bowl.

Minka Kelly is the “pretty woman” from Des Moines, Iowa who dreams of a modelling career and takes her dreams to college in Los Angeles.  She certainly has the makings of a model, but probably not a screen star.  Minka, as Sara from Des Moines, looks really pretty no matter what’s happening to her (which really isn’t much), but then so does Leighton Meester, who plays Rebecca, her designated college roommate.  In fact everybody looks either very pretty or quite handsome (Cam Gigandet, Matt Lanter), so the movie is pleasant to look at if you enjoy pretty one-dimensional young people.

Other than that, the plot puts the fairly normal Sara in a dorm room where the bad luck of the draw pairs her with surface normal but underneath psycho roommate Rebecca, who must be an obsessive personality since she proceeds to obsess over Sara to the point of scaring away all of Sara’s friends and supporters so she can have her all to her psycho self.  Of course she doesn’t stop there, and the movie goes for some scary moments but hardly any gore, so that’s either a let-down or a relief, depending on your expectations.

Judging by audience feedback, if you go to see “The Roommate” with hardly any expectations, you will not be disappointed.