The Rudge Park Four move onto the big screen

The Rudge Park Four has eventually made it onto the movie scene with a full length feature of their successful television series the Inbetweeners. Following the final show of the third series, the movie begins with the four Simon, Jay, Will and Neil played by Joe Thomas, James Buckley, Simon Bird and Blake Harrison respectively, setting off to Malia for a boy’s holiday in celebration of the end of their college days.

For those who are fans of the TV series, the cinema offering will not be a disappointment. Iain Morris and Damon Beesley, the original writers, have returned and have remained faithful to the original hilarious comedy that was a feature of the TV series. The movie is full of situations that will leave many either splitting their sides laughing or cringing with closed eyes.

The viewer will see some of these situations coming but this will have no effect on the overall outcome of the movie. Some UK sitcoms have not adapted well to the big screen but The Inbetweeners has come over very well. There are a few parts that drag on and notably among the few is Simons break up with girl friend Carly played by Emily Head.

The film location is very different to what TV viewers are used to.. Gone is the Rudge Park scene and in its place is sun, sand, sea and sex. The change in location has adapted well and fans will not miss the old surroundings. The movie is set in Malia but filming was done in Magaluf. Full credit must go to the film crew for their successful recreation of the nightlife of Malia.

The cast all give sterling performances with Blake Harrison standing out amongst the four. He is able to provide both sincerity and comedy while appearing to be quite stupid. The other main leads are unaffected by film pressures and give outstanding performances.

The well known characters namely Neil’s Dad, Big John and Mr Gilbert all return for the movie. With the movie comes the conclusion of The Inbetweeners and there are no plans for another series.