The Social Network Oscar buzz gathers new friends

The Social Network received four awards from the National Society of Film Critics in America, taking it further on its path to an Oscar.

The Social Network is a movie regarding Facebook and its foundation by Mark Zuckerberg. It was given Best Picture. Aaron Sorkin, its writer, was given Best Screenplay and David Fincher Best Director.

The actor who played Mark Zuckerberg, Jessie Eisenberg, received Best Actor, Olivia Williams, Best Supporting Actress. She is known for her part in Roman Polanski’s The Ghost, as the previous Prime Minister’s spouse.

Many think The Social Network is a strong contender for the Oscar nominations. We will find out on January 25th.

Eisenberg had been up against Colin Firth for Best Actor. Firth starred in The King’s Speech. Geoffrey Rush, however, took Best Supporting Actor for his role as the therapist in the King’s Speech, who supported Kin George VI in conquering his stuttering problem.

Controversy surrounding the film’s rating were stoked by newspapers from Boston. Chicago, L.A., and New York. The Classification & Ratings Administration in the US gave The King’s Speech an R-rating due to the use of strong words. That required children under 17 to be supervised by an adult. However, The British Board of Film Classification reduced it to 12A from 15, in response to protest from the UK distributors of the movie.