The success of Easy Money has a knock on effect for its director and star

Easy Money is the translated title of a Scandinavian thriller film about the drug trade. The film was originally released in Scandinavia in 2010 and it was the highest grossing film in Sweden that year. The film is essentially about why crime doesn’t pay and it became very popular in Hollywood two years ago, mostly through the distribution of pirated DVDs.

Those producers in Hollywood were very impressed by the film and its stars, who have since gone on to play some important roles in Hollywood. The star of the film, Joel Kinnaman is about to appear in the remake of RoboCop and the director of the film went on to direct Safe House, starring Denzel Washington.

The story in this film is very interesting and it is certainly one of the reasons why the film works so well. However it is not just this makes it such an exhilarating and engrossing film. The director has a strong grasp of many different filmmaking styles and this really works to the film’s advantage.

The film is about the drug trade and so as you would expect there are moments of violence and it is certainly a thriller. However, there is also much more to it than that and you will see when you watch this film that there are some interesting personal moments. It also has a level of psychological complexity that you don’t often see in popular thriller films. The filmmaker is bold and it shines through in an excellent way in this film.