The Sweeney film set for success

The Sweeney was a classic British television show about the Scotland Yard Flying Squad in 1970’s London. Many people who are a fan of the original television series will be pleased to see that this British classic is coming back to the big screen. Many people have said that the movie is bolder, badder and bigger than ever and that the gun battles and car chases in the production quite incredible.

The lead character in the film is the same as from the original television show, Detective Inspector Jack Regan. He is also joined by his right-hand man George Carter. The film is set in the present day, over 30 years on from the original television show. As in the original show, the characters work very hard in order to terrorise the criminal underworld that can be found in parts of London.

It has been known for a long time that in the film the lead role, which was originally played by John Thaw, is being played by Ray Winstone. Ben Drew takes on the role of his sidekick and certainly looks the part in the publicity shots wearing the trademark leather jacket. It is widely expected that this film is going to be a very big success in the UK.