The Sweeney Ray Winstone and Plan B are Regan and Carter

Scrap the thought of the original plan for the movie revamp of The Sweeney as it has been foiled by Vivid Studios as they have announced that Ben Drew, the pop star known as Plan B has signed on to play George Carter. He will join Ray Winstone who will play Jack Regan.

When the news broke the reception for the rapper come pop star on a global level who will step into the shoes of Dennis Waterman has at best been mixed. For Danny Dyer the movie hard man it must have been a shock as he was pencilled in initially for that role when talk of a remake was first bantered around.

Opinions are split between the 1970s show fans with half of them over the moon knowing it will be brought back and revitalised on the screen while there are another half that are horrified that an iconic cop series may be savaged to a luke-warm Starsky and Hutch-esque dud.

Although it will be based on the cult classic original ITV show, The Sweeny will come across as a modernisation of the famed London Flying Squad which certainly will raise the hair on the back of a few necks of the die-harders in the fan club.

With a great deal of muscle behind the project in director Nick Love and John Hodge the writer, it may come off well something that may help in trying to beat off the numbers of outraged fans.

The new film will be in present day England and The Sweeney will be loaded with action, fast cars and lots of wise cracks as it will follow detectives George Carter and Jack Regan the Flying squad and their team as they do all they can to keep the bad guy down.