The Woman In Black Daniel Radcliffe turns to horror

In case you overlooked the memo released, The Woman In Black, the latest movie starring Daniel Radcliffe will be scary and the photo released by the film shows that more than just viewers will be terrified by it. Photos previously have shown the character played by Radcliffe, Arthur Kipps, nervously walking around outside and later using a hatchet to defend himself.

The latest photo has Kipps in his most defenseless position lying down and uncomfortably looking off in the distance. The worry is Kipps may be facing some supernatural trouble that may just be related to the doll that is lying next to him on the ground.

If the latest trailer is any indication then Radcliffe’s character will have his plate full in the movie. Radcliffe has said in interviews he is happy that his character is a big change from that of Harry Potter and he said it was a difficult transition for him since horror films are not one of his favorite.

If the star himself is scared of what he helped make, is there any chance for the viewing public. He says it will be absolutely terrifying and at a screen test people were jumping out of their seats petrified from fear. So, he says, it should be a very, very good film. He thinks the talk about the film will continue as a full trailer will be out in a few months time. The movies will not debut in theaters until February 3, 2012.