This summers big date movie, Sex and the City 2

Finally after plenty of rumours and speculation the new trailer of Sex and the City has been realized, but surprisingly (or not surprisingly) the trailer tells very little about the upcoming movie except that for some reason the girls are in the desert or at least on a photo shoot in the desert.

Most people are anxious to find out if any of the rumors are true, such as Big losing his money and Charlotte finding out that her husband is having an affair. Instead, the trailer only delivers the girls in eighties fab fashion and of course the camel scene which makes you wonder if the writer may have run out of material half way through the movie.

The trailer however will disappoint fans who would like to see the show return to its basic roots of four girls sitting around dishing about sex, love, and work with a metered dose of reality tossed in from Carrie’s narratives from time to time. Instead, it seems as if diamonds, riches, and glamour is the new style for the girls which does not quite feel as good brought to the surface of the show as it did as a backdrop.

Of course, to each their own which is why it will be hard to tell just how the film goes over come its release date of May 28th in movie theatres. Until then the only choose sex crazy fans have is to listen to the trailer over and over again to the aptly backed Jay-Z title track “New York.”