Tom Hardy set to star as George Mallory in new Everest film

Sony pictures are putting together the film Everest, and it is expected that Tom Hardy is currently negotiating with the company in order to star in it. It is expected that he will play the lead character of George Mallory, the famous climber who made attempts to summit Mount Everest for the first time during the 1920s.

Doug Liman is tipped to direct the production, which is going to start creating once he finishes making the latest Tom Cruise film with Warner Brothers called All You Need Is Kill. This is an adaptation of the book by Jeffrey Archer, which was called Paths Of Glory.

Liman has previously directed such notable films as The Bourne Identity and Mr and Mrs Smith. He is seen as a particularly appropriate choice to direct the film because he is also a keen climber himself. He has also stated that he was very interested in the story of George Mallory, and his attempts to summit Everest.

Since the initial climb, there have been a huge number of summits of Everest, but Mallory’s attempt was always regarded as the most impressive. At the time, climbing Everest was seen as an enormous achievement, even greater than it is today, and many people compared it to man trying to land on the moon.

His climbing of the mountain was attempted in a particularly appropriate time because the UK was in the middle of World War I, and the country really seem to need a hero. Unfortunately, he failed to climb the mountain on the first two attempts in 1921 1922, and he made his final attempt in 1924.

This was an attempt that he made with oxygen, and unfortunately, it was his last. He was not seen again until 1999, when his body was discovered by another climber.