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Top Five Jedi’s in Star Wars

In honour of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi being released this week, I thought I’d take a look at the best lightsaber-wielding, users of the Force.


The prequels were full of cool characters and Windu was most definitely up there with Darth Maul, now that’s a match-up I’d like to see! He valued the beliefs of the Jedi Order over any personal matter. He was a wise and courageous Jedi Master who took on the Emperor one on one and won, if only Anakin didn’t lop his arm off! He had some very cool moments including; de-horning a giant rhino, beheading Jango Fett and as mentioned before, beating Palpatine. I just wish he got a better fight scene with a real person instead of what was a CGI old man most of the time. Most badass weapon in the galaxy; purple lightsaber!


Jinn was a wise, sincere and skilled Jedi Master. Liam Neeson’s portrayal was charismatic, honourable, and he brought the right amount of calmness and zen to the role. He was a deadly fighter, expertly trained in both physical combat and his ability to mentally manipulate people. He was a loyal servant of the Force. He didn’t mind going rogue on occasion when he gambled on the pod racing ability of a child and adds Anakin’s freedom as a bet, it was clear that he was never afraid to go against the Order’s beliefs. Upon his tragic death at the hands of Darth Maul, he is able to achieve a sense of immortality by becoming a Force ghost, which he was then able to teach to Yoda and Obi-Wan.


Obi-Wan was a competent fighter and leader, but he was also mindful of his duty and he respected the Council above all else. Both actors who portrayed him were fantastic. Alec Guinness brought a sense of conviction to the role, and Ewan McGregor helped develop a back story that expanded the character and explained why he was wary of training Luke and why he carried so much guilt for his failures with Anakin. After dispatching the double-bladed lightsaber-wielding sith lord Darth Maul, destroying General Grievous and halting the rampage of his evil Padawan, he then schools Luke in the Force and sacrifices himself so they can escape. What a hero.


The perfect hero; compassionate, likeable, a competent pilot, handy with a lightsaber, full head of hair, what more could you want? He was a very relatable character, he had some great character moments with Vader, Leia, Han, some great fights with the aforementioned sith lord and he blew up the Death Star. Legend. He is the only Jedi who brings true compassion back to the Order, and that’s how he beats the Emperor. Both Yoda and Obi-Wan tell Luke that he must kill his father, which he doesn’t want to do. In Episode VI, his hate takes over, and he almost delivers a killing blow to Darth Vader, with the Emperor egging him on the whole time. But he doesn’t, instead he pauses, and remembers a lesson he learned from Yoda: In Episode V he asks Yoda. “How will I know the good side from the bad?”. He replies. “You will know when you are calm. At peace,”. It’s a key moment that solidifies Luke as a true Jedi and it also helps bring his father to the light.


How could a tiny 900-year-old alien be one of the most badass characters in the franchise?! The puppetry work in the original trilogy was masterful, the CGI in the prequels were less inspired but hey we got see Yoda in his prime, flipping and jumping all over the place. He was immensely wise, and his training of Luke created a good relationship between the two that was pivotal to the story of Episode V. He doesn’t just get him ready physically, he tries to curb his impatience and anger, which made the audience aware of the fact there’s much more to being a Jedi. We all know he would have won if The Emperor didn’t resort to hurling congressional booths at him.