Total Recall re-make with Colin Farrell

Irish hunk Colin Farrell is confirmed to star in the remake of sci-fi hit “Total Recall”. Playing Dennis Quad a role made famous by Arnold Schwarzeneggar in the 1990’s hit film Colin is rumoured to work alongside acting greats Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender.

Producer Neil Moritz said “The final deal has been put together for Colin Farrell to play the lead role.”

Unlike the original movie about a construction worker who thought he was a secret agent and had to go to Mars and discover his past. This version will correlate closer to the original book, “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale” by Philip K Dick, said Director Len Wiseman.

“The new version is more real world and real future. We don’t go into space instead the cities are crowded and are expanded up towards the sky. There’s a great part in the film were something takes you from one side of the plane to the other.” Len Wiseman added.

Collin Farrell begins shooting the film in Canada on May 15th 2011.

Colin Farrell has a busy year appearing in three other films this year including ‘Horrible Bosses’ with Jennifer Anniston and a remake of ‘Fright Night’.