Uma Thurman worst ever opening weekend disaster

Turns out even the star of a movie is a huge name without publicity and an enticing storyline no one will care; which is exactly what happened last weekend at the premier of ‘Motherhood’ starring Uma Thurman.  Believe it or not, on opening weekend the film only took in £88 causing the studio to send it straight to DVD.

The idea behind the marketing plan was to exclusively air it at just one cinema located at Piccadilly Circus in London and let it take off via word of mouth, however, the plan backfired with some box office analysts musing over whether it has broken records for the lowest grossing opening weekend sales total ever.

Joe Utichi, the Channel 4 News film critic, stated that this shows that star power alone is not enough to drive people into the theatres anymore, but instead there has to be a great marketing campaign to really make it work.

Utichi also commented that the film, which follows Thurman playing a mother trying to maintain her writing career and raise a child, was ‘average to bad’ but he could see the audience that it was written to appeal to.  That is of course had they known it was out there.