Unknown is a great action thriller

If you’re looking for an action thriller, “Unknown” fits the bill, but what makes this film so much fun to watch is the performances of lead character Liam Neeson and his supporting cast of talented actors including Bruno Ganz, Frank Langella and Diane Kruger.

Liam, as Dr. Martin Harris, is a biotech research scientist on his way to a big conference in Berlin, with his lovely and loving wife Elizabeth, played by January Jones. Somehow he leaves his briefcase on the curb at the airport, zips back to get it while his wife checks into the hotel, gets in a horrible accident in the taxi, which careens off a bridge, is saved and taken to the hospital by the taxi driver (Diane) and wakes up from a coma four days later.  He can remember who he is; the problem is that his wife doesn’t know him, and introduces her husband (Aiden Quinn), who has stolen his identity and is wearing his nametag to boot.

So what’s going on, and is Dr. Harris totally delusional, and why are all these hard cases trying to kill him are all questions that will be answered in time, some in the first half hour of the movie, the rest gradually falling into place.  There are some really fine action scenes, and though there are also some discrepancies in the behaviour and motivations of just about all the characters involved, it’s easy to overlook them and just enjoy the plot and the action.  Hints: biotechnology and terrorism and director Jaume Collet-Serra and Neeson doing what he seems to do best are some of the delicious ingredients in “Unknown”.