V/H/S movie causes call to emergency services

A movie that has recently premiered at Sundance Film Festival apparently caused physical reactions from moviegoers. The movie that caused the reactions is called V/H/S and during the production one man stumbled out of the movie, collapsed and suffered a seizure. Paramedics were summoned and those in attendance said that the audience member was distraught.

It was not just this man who suffered a reaction and another moviegoer ran out of the film and vomited. A third person came out of the movie crying and ran away from the theatre. Many people have suggested that it is the most terrifying movie at the festival and that it could be one of the scariest movies ever made.

The film tells the story of a group of children who commit crimes. They are paid to enter a house and steal an unusual VHS tape. When they are in the house they decide to watch the movie and they witness some bizarre scenes of paranormal activity on the tape. The moviegoers were said to flee the cinema when some of the goriest scenes in the movie were being played to them.

The producer of the movie, Roxanna Benjamin commented, “The movie is intended to be scary and not fun. I’m very grateful that the people who saw the movie are all okay and have recovered easily. Apparently the man who was attended by paramedics suddenly turned pale and just run out the door. He later collapsed in the lobby and was attended to by paramedics.” According to reports once the man was treated he decided to go back in and finish the movie.