Virgin Media launches 3D service

Virgin Media has just managed to get the drop on BSkyB by a couple of days after launching their 3D Movies on Demand service to all of the approximately 1.2 million subscribers who own a set top device to transmit the service, and an unknown number of their customers who have televisions adapted to 3D.  Virgin’s 3D home service began September 28th, just three days before Sky is set to launch its own residential 3D service.

Any subscriber with the requisite items, i.e. a TV, a set top converter, and 3D glasses will be able to watch what is currently a limited menu of movies and entertainment.  However the choices will be expanding in leaps and bounds as the cable provider and broadband operator teams up with Samsung, the giant electronics company.  Virgin’s retail establishments around the U.K. will offer Samsung’s 3D TVs, and the two companies will also be partnering in other marketing ventures.

Observers have described the new-tech service as something like the Pay per View channels, with the first film to be available on 3D TV, ‘StreetDance’, for rent at £5.99 for 24 hours (as of September 28th).  Other offerings scheduled so far include ‘Garfield’s Pet Force’, coming in October, and Disney’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ in November.

As more and more subscribers jump on the 3D bandwagon and the demand for at-home 3D entertainment increases, Virgin plans to expand the portfolio of movies and shows to stay abreast of all the newest productions and viewer trends.  The consensus appears to be that once people have a chance to watch their favourite shows in 3D right in their own home, the demand will do nothing but grow.