Wall Street 2 finally released

Wall Street 2 is a belated sequel due to the fact that it is being released 23 years after the first film hit the big screen and was supposed to actually see a release date earlier in the year instead of now.  The Michael Douglas movie premiered in May at the Cannes festival but the film was held because the producers wanted to play around with the films structure.

The only thing tainting the result of the film is the fact that Michael Douglass has now been diagnosed with throat cancer, which is overshadowing of the cinematic release.

The first Wall Street ended showing Douglas in the role of Gordon Gekko getting tossed into prison but now that he is released he is back in the game although it may be time to upgrade his mobile phone, which gets a few laughs when he collects his oversized old gem from the prison lockup.

Playing opposite Douglas are Carey Mulligan as Gekko’s daughter Winnie and her boyfriend Jake Moore played by Shia LeBeouf.  Winnie does not want anything that is associated with her father, but of course this is going to prove to be impossible.

Jake tracks down Gekko tour doing lectures promoting his bestselling book in an effort to explore the world of trading.  Of course, both get what they want, Gekko gets to see his daughter and Jake gets into the world of trading although both end up getting much more than they bargained for.