What a shock actresses take their clothes off more than actors

Despite reports to the contrary, a new study reveals that is it still very much a man’s world in Hollywood. The balance of power between men and women is, well, as unbalanced as ever. You are still way more likely to see a woman in a film wearing revealing clothing, or even being partially naked. Younger women in particular are inclined to strip for film, and 40% of actresses stripping in films were teenagers.

The study was conducted by the USE’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. They studied the highest grossing films from 2008, an impressive list that includes The Dark Knight, Iron Man, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The statistics are not unexpected, despite the likes of George Clooney saying that he thought that today’s movie industry was ahead of its time.

As far as nudity is concerned, actresses were 24% more likely to be shot partially naked, as opposed to only 8% of actors. 26% of women were also shown in revealing clothing, compared to 5% of men. In a recent poll to discover the most paused moments in films, half of the top 10 moments involved female nudity, with the famous flash from Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct firmly grasping the number 1 spot.