Who will play Prince Harry in upcoming movie?

Robert Pattinson from Twilight, and Rupert Grint from Harry Potter, are rumoured to be the main competitors for the role of Prince Harry, in the upcoming movie The Spare.

The film’s plot will highlight the low and high points of Prince Harry’s life, including the time he spent in Afghanistan, and the death of his mother Princess Diana.

It is too early to expect to hear which actor will receive the lead role, however, with the screenplay not expected to be completed until the end of 2009, casting expected to begin sometime in early 2010.
The internet community on the other hand is ready to discuss who they thin should play Prince Harry, as several have already named Grint as the best candidate.

The Spare will be under the direction of Peter Kosminsky who said the film was compelling to him because he had a ‘sense of compassion’ towards the Prince. He also stated that he will not begin to entertain ideas for the lead role until after he has read the script with the producers.

Although the existing rumours include two British men for the role of Prince Harry, Kosminsky did state however that he will not exclude an American from potentially scoring the role, noting his great experience directing Renee Zellweger, who was able to master the English accent in her films as Bridget Jones.

Kosminsky explained the title of the film by stating that Prince Harry was born in an odd position, without no clear role in the world, as third to the throne thus making him both ‘the heir and the spare.’