Will Halo the movie happen?

With the game Halo Reach hitting sales of about $200 million on its very first day, talk about making a movie based on Halo is rampant once again.  Imagine the drooling of movie executives who see the equivalent of a blockbuster return come out of a game in just one day!

The question about a movie is whether the characters are appealing or even interesting enough to grab the movie devotion of say, Resident Evil.  Halo is not a character driven game, as is Resident Evil; it is an effects driven game.

Most all players of Halo would agree that the game is so attention getting because of its visual realism and not its character development.  How will this play into a movie?  That has yet to be seen because of all sorts of turnabout.

Universal and Fox tried to develop a movie of the game nearly four years ago and the disastrous results wound up with Peter Jackson being ditched.  It is now rumoured that Dreamworks are thinking about buying the novelization rights because that would be much cheaper than being sued by Universal and Fox.

This, of course, would put the movie in the hands of Steven Spielberg.  There would be no writer for Halo, but screenwriter Stuart Beattie impressed Spielberg with a script he wrote as an admitted fan.  That probably gives him a good chance at penning a movie.

The major obstacle would be Microsoft, who really doesn’t want anyone else’s hands all over an enterprise well set to make them billions.