Will people Scream for a forth time

Although there are die hard fans of the Scream franchise, surely making a fourth film over a decade after the so-so Scream 3 is pushing it. Say. You seriously have to wonder where the story can go now, as this tale of the perpetually tortured, stalked and battered Sidney Prescott seemed to have petered out by the end of the third instalment.

The beginning of Scream 4 seem to reinforce these concerns, the odd cheap thrill and a air of desperation does not bode well, and it feels more gimmicky that grabbing. Once it settles down, there is a bit of a feeling of same old same old, but then becomes all the more engaging. The premise of the Scream saga is that it’s a parody of other horror films, and this often overawed the witty writing. For this film Kevin Williamson has returned.

So Sidney, played once more by Neve Campbell, returns to Woodboro, the scene of the original films. She has written a book about her past experiences and has finally achieved closure. Then wouldn’t you know it, another homicidal maniac in a ghostly mask starts hacking up her nearest and dearest. As you would expect, these murders are delivered in a suitably vicious, gruesome and tense fashion.
A whole new generation of characters is introduced, which allows for a new and enthralling story to unfold. The plot is both strong and ingenious (clap on the back for Williamson) and master director Wes Craven at the helm does what he does best. This film far exceeds expectation, and  Scream 4 is way more than just a slasher film.