Will The Beaver help Mel Gibson

Even though he as had many problems of late and his own flaws have held him back in his career and he has not reached the desired status he wanted, Mel Gibson’s talents saved the much flawed movie “The Beaver.” Jodie Foster was the director of The Beaver that is a dark comedy drama that covers the life of Walter Black who comes upon a psychic power in him when he finds a beaver hand puppet.

Gibson is great in his portrayal of a character that is deeply distressed and his incredible punch of humor made his role all the more real and lively. In fact it is Gibson’s work that managed to make the film look good even though there was a mediocre script from Kyle Killen a first time script writer.

Meredith was played by director Foster who is the wife of Walter in the movie. Gibson has had a very troubled life since 2006 that has included an arrest for drunken driving and a split up with Oksana Grigorieva is ex girlfriend. But with his work in the movie it shows that he still has a lot to offer and there was not sign of his personal problems in his performance. The movie is rated PG-13 and is a Summit Entertainment release.