Will you win an all expenses paid trip to the Cannes film festival

The Cannes film festival ignites the scramble to see and be seen starts 12th May.

This year the most anticipated movie is Robin Hood from the director of Gladiator, Ridley Scott, and if that was not enough, also starring Russell Crowe, which will open the most anticipated film fest in many years.

As usual there will be wall to wall A-list movie stars strutting their stuff, showing a lot of cleavage and talking up their movies. That after all is the whole point of this annual film extravaganza.

Many of the big names also have an ulterior motive for making their way to this small Mediterranean city, the parties. Cannes is the pinnacle of French flair meets Hollywood glamour, and everyone who is anyone must be seen, and very much noticed, at as many events as possible.

Every studio has big gala events planned to promote their upcoming cinematic delights, and many corporations also roll into town hoping the capture a little of the magic and transfer it to their products.

This is true of brewer Stella Artois who will be spreading goodwill with their latest miracle of modern beer know-how with Stella 4%. To host all the proceedings and to front the get-togethers and events they had employed the many talents of French raconteur, director and producer Jacques d’Azur.

As those that follow the trade press will know, Jacques disappeared after setting sail from one of his homes, located on the tropical island of Tahiti, the last that was heard from the one-time tennis star was a radio message saying that he had found an idyllic desert island populated by the most stunning women in the world, nothing has been heard from him since.

Left without a front man, Stella decided that they would need 50 people from around the world to take this legends place, and not only that, they are generously offering this outstanding opportunity to mingle with the stars to mere mortals.

To take your place as one of the replacements for Jacques d’Azur all you have to do is visit the Stella Artois page and enter the free competition for an all expenses star studded trip of a lifetime. Also check out the video below featuring Cannes red carpet photographer Henri Gerriere.